Staying Updated

Updating your BR1M account online

Your kemaskini br1m updates can be checked and transacted online. Although there is room for updates and various improvements, since 2013 the authorities have come a long way and are adept at handling online users who want to create their br1m updates online. A few years ago, the website had become so slow that people found it increasingly difficult to log on to their website.

Applicants who have received their their brim 2016 scheme do not have to initiate updates, but are advised to log onto the system to review their bank account number and home address. New applicants are requested to provide a bank account number to receive aid money, while remembering to keep the account in active status.

How to Update BR1M 2016

Step 1: Click on the ‘Update Application’

Step 2: Enter your IC numbers in the appropriate spaces. After the button is clicked, you’ll be taken to the next page.

Step 3: Fill your personal information. Care should be taken as this affects the results of your Br1m

You will be notified via ‘status successful’ message when you are ready to update delivery. Always make sure that you do not stand-in for others while filling the form to prevent data inaccuracies. Reissue of this Malaysian aid can take a long time, so fill it patiently and take your time to review it before clicking on the next button on each page.

You can take a print out of the slip for reference.

Offline kemaskini br1m 2016 update forms can be found at:

  • Branch and Service Centre of Inland Revenue Board
  • District Office and the Office of the Inland Revenue Board nationwide
  • Federal Development Department
  • Social Welfare Department
  • Department of Information and government agencies
  • Village heads and representatives in each region

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How is MAC better than a PC?

Even though PC’s are the most widely used computer platforms around the globe, there are many strong reasons for people to choose a great modeled MAC over a Windows PC. Productivity and simplicity are the major reasons that interests users to stick on to MAC. The usage of Apple MAC can leave you happier compared to ordinary PC’s. Being simple and reliable, Apple MAC gives its uniqueness in flashy design, through great software, which you would have to buy extra for an ordinary PC.

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Pesky Computers

Those Pesky Computers!

At what is believed to be the World’s first conference regarding casino game prediction devices in the USA, several roulette computers will be demonstrated to a live audience. The 3-day conference is being hosted by Stefano Hourmouzis, an Australian gambling consultant. Several other gambling consultants are expected to attend, and will demonstrate various other devices to beat casinos including card-counting computers.  Getting there was definitely going to be a large ordeal if it wasn’t for a few of the local companies that helped us with the transportation.

Limo Service Hartford   Click to see how many trips these guys made.  Kudos to Jason the owner.

The first known wearable roulette computer was designed in the 1970’s by a group named the Eudemons. It consisted of a CMOS 6502 microprocessor with a modest 5K RAM, and was fitted into a shoe. However for it to be effective, it required a tilted wheel. A tilted wheel is literally a wheel that is not perfectly level, the result of which is the ball will tend to fall in one particular area more than others. This in turn makes predicting the outcome of spins far easier and more accurate.  

The UK National Weights and Measures Laboratory (NWML) recently conducted a study into the effectiveness of one particular roulette computer, and concluded the wheel must be tilted for predictions to be sufficiently accurate. Without the tilt [level wheels], NWML determined predictions may not be accurate; at least with the particular device tested. While computers that can accurately predict spins of tilted [biased] wheels are quite common, devices that are accurate on non-biased [level] wheels are rare, and require a far greater level of sophistication. Such devices are expected to be demonstrated at the conference.

To generate a prediction with most computers, typically a toe operated button is clicked when the wheel and ball complete a revolution. Once the timings of rotations are calculated, the computer can determine where the ball is most likely to fall, and will then relay where to bet to the player. In the case of the Eudemons, two operators were required – one took timings from the wheel, and wirelessly transmitted where the bet to another players that made the winning bets. The two operators appeared to have no connection. This way, the winner never needed to look at the wheel and was therefore not suspected of cheating. Similar methods are employed by roulette computers today, although the accuracy of predictions still rely on the operator taking accurate timings – namely clicking a button which is often a difficult task in the real casino environment over extended periods.

Although roulette computer application is clearly illegal in many jurisdictions, it is permitted by law in many others. That is not to say a casino would not eject suspected users of such devices. Although laws vary between jurisdictions, it is usually the right of the establishment to refuse entry to any player. Therefore successful application of electronic game prediction technology relies on covert technology.